Hinojosa Design is a Miami-based interior design firm led by acclaimed designer Carola Hinojosa.

 “Interiors should express the lifestyle of the people who relax and entertain within them – each with its own unique beauty and soul.”

Carola Hinojosa

Acclaimed designer Carola Hinojosa believes luxury has much to do with the power of simplicity. Clean lines, neutral palettes, and authentic materials are the foundation for interiors as elegant as they are comfortable, as fresh as they are timeless. Light, color, and texture are brought together in perfect balance, and natural surroundings become a seamless extension of design. Symmetry and proportion evoke serenity while works of art lend richness.

Carola began her career in her native country of Bolivia with clients including residential estates, foreign embassies, country clubs, and hotels. Over the past two decades, she has become one of Miami’s most respected designers of important private residences as well as luxury condominiums and hospitality properties.